About us

The Bavarian State Collection for Palaeoanatomy is an institution of the Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB). The scientists research the human-animal-environment relationships in prehistoric and early historic times. The research questions are oriented both archaeologically/cultural-historically and biologically/animal-medically, they focus on the domestication and cultural history of domestic animals, the transition from an appropriating way of life to agriculture and livestock breeding, the Romanization of Raetia as well as the migration of humans and animals across the Alps.

The range of methods includes morphological and osteometric examinations as well as analyses of light stable isotopes and ancient DNA. In addition, the department is significantly involved in the standardized recording of archaeozoological primary data in the OssoBook database. For the identification of animal remains, the SPM has an extensive comparative collection of recent vertebrate skeletons, which is currently being digitalized.