The Bavarian State Collection for Paleoanatomy as well as the Bavarian State Collection for Anthropology have developed a software for storage and analysis of osteological data in cooperation with the Institute of Computer Science of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. The database software xBook is specialized for the requirements of archaeological and bioarchaeological workflows and is used in paleoanatomy (OssoBook), archaeology (ArchaeoBook) and in anthropology (AnthroBook). The database framework’s scheme is based on the manual for standardized skeleton documentation of the Bavarian State Collections for Paleoanatomy as well as for Anthropology. Data is entered via a graphical user interface that displays additional information and help for each input field. This includes descriptions for estimating different stages of skeletal maturation and tooth abrasion . In addition to a graphical skeletal inventory, the software provides input fields on the degree of preservation, characteristics for age and sex determination, dental status, osteometry and osteological features. X-ray findings and information on DNA and isotope sampling can also be recorded. In the project overview, contact details of the scientists working on the project can also be stored.

The data is initially recorded in local databases and can later be synchronized on a global server. This allows anthropological, archaeological as well as paleoanatomical data to be shared worldwide to enable complex analyses. The release of read and write permissions can be defined individually for each project, so that, for example, a globally accessible database can only be edited by selected persons.

Further information: xBook-Framework for (bio)archeological data