Documenta Archaeobiologiae

The Documenta Archaeobiologiae (DOAB) is the joint publication series of the Bavarian State Collection of Anthropology (SAM) and Palaeoanatomy (SPM). It publishes original research papers, focus articles and short articles as well as monographs in the field of interaction between natural sciences and archaeology. Emphasis is placed on the presentation of research results obtained using the material of bioarchaeological collections.

The aim of the compilation volume is to present the research potential of our collection and to strengthen the dialogue between natural sciences, especially biology, and cultural or social sciences in order to obtain a complete historical picture. Preserved remains of humans, animals, and plants are important empirical sources that provide clues about, for example, the development of historical populations, animal and plant domestication and use, and historical environments.

Documenta Archaeobiologiae was founded in 2003 by the former directors of the SAPM, Prof. Dr. Gisela Grupe and Prof. Dr. Joris Peters. The editors are Prof. Dr. Joris Peters (SPM) and Dr. George McGlynn (SAM).

Contributions are welcome in English or German.

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Dr. George McGlynn
Bavarian State Collection for Anthropology (SNSB-SAM)
Tel: +49 89 5488 438-12

DOAB – Instructions for authors
DOAB – Instructions for authors

Previously published volumes in the Documenta Archaeobiologiae series:

Volume 1 (2003) Decyphering ancient bones – The research potential of bioarchaeological remains

Volume 2 (2004) Conservation policy and current research.

Volume 3 (2005) Feathers, grit and symbolism. Birds and humans in the ancient Old and New Worlds.

Volume 4 (2006) Microscopic examinations of bioarchaeological remains – Keeping a close eye on ancient tissues.

Volume 5 (2007) Skeletal series and their socio-economic context.

Volume 6 (2008) Limping together through the ages – Joint afflictions and bone infections.

Volume 7 (2009) Tracking down the past – Ethnohistory meets archaeozoology.

Volume 8 (2010) Archaeobiodiversity – A European perspective.

Volume 9 (2011) Morphological and biomolecular analyses of bones and teeth – Unveiling past diet, health, and environmental parameters.

Volume 10 (2012) Current discoveries from outside and within. Field explorations and critical comments from the lab.

Volume 11 (2013) Beiträge zur Anthropologie und Paläoanatomie

Volume 12 (2015) Bioarchaeology beyond Osteology.

Volume 13 (2017) Archäozoologie der Pest

Volume 14 (2019) Zwischen Wandel und Beständigkeit

Volume 15 (2019) Animals: Cultural identifiers in ancient societies?

Volume 16 (2023) Animals and humans through time and space: Investigating diverse relationships